We hope that you have enjoyed dining at Mile High restaurant. We will be pleased if you can leave a comment here of your feedback on the food and the service that we provide. Feel free to share your opinions and reviews. Our only request is for you to keep your reviews free of rude and sexist language. Thank you so much! 


Jeff, 42 


I brought my wife to Mile High restaurant in celebration of our wedding anniversary. We were so amazed by the sheer number of food on the menu. The attendants were also very conscientious, anticipating our every need and being very helpful. They were also able to help me with my request of surprising my wife with a very romantic setup. We arrived at a very special place setting at the back of the plane, complete with a table that’s been decorated by tulips which are my wife’s favorite flowers. Now, it has become a special place for the both of us. Thank you so much Mile High restaurant.  


Dawn, 25 


I went to Mile High restaurant with the aim of treating my parents to dinner. We absolutely love the concept of the restaurant. The food is also quite delicious. We will definitely go back here again to eat, next time with my siblings. It is such a great place, the service is very good, and the food and wine are the best I’ve had in a long while. Kudos to Chef Lombardi for putting up this Mile High restaurant. I hope he will also have one in Houston where I work.  


John, 33 


I am not really a fan of fine dining as I am usually just a pizza and burger kind of guy. But when my wife asked me to come here, I became a convert. The food was that good. And the ambiance was really great. We ended up having a romantic night. Will definitely go back here.