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Have a taste of the best African dishes 


Here at Mile High restaurant, our advocacy is food. We want to expose you to the best food from all over the world. This is because we feel that the best way to know the culture of a place is through its cuisine. And what better way to get acquainted with it than through Mile High’s fabulous dishes, right?  


So here are just some of the best African food that you should look out for when you head over to Mile High restaurant to sample our delicious offerings:  


  1. Ugali – This dish is very popular in the countries of Tanzania and Rwanda. Ugali is made from cornmeal which is boiled in water until it is hard and stiff. Ugali is also known as posh in Rwanda. This kind of dish is usually served with another dish called sukuma wiki which is made of vegetables or the sukuma ya nyama which is made of meat.  


  1. To – This is a kind of base food that is made from either corn, sorghum or millet. It is boiled in water then transferred to a bowl where it is thickened with flour. It is very popular in Mali and Burkina Faso.  


  1. Mkatra Foutra – In the Comoros, the Mkatra Foutra is served. It is actually a kind of bread that usually accompanies rougaille, another dish that is tomato based. The Mkatra Foutra is made with flour, coconut milk, eggs, among others. It is lighly sprinkled with sesame seeds.  


  1. Kisra – Very popular in Sudan, the Kisra is also a kind of bread made from corn, sorghum or durra. It is usually used as an accompaniment to stews. The Kisra is fried. It is done by mixing sorghum (or corn or durra) with water to create a batter. Flour is usually thrown in the mixture.