About Us 

Mile High is currently the only restaurant of its kind in Missouri. We serve you an international cuisine paired with only the best selections of wine in our cellar.  


Mile High has been conceptualised by Chef Shannon Lumbardi. He is a world-renowned chef who has travelled the world to learn and practice the various international cuisines. He has also worked in various international hotels and restaurants in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. As such, he has all the experience and the best training when it comes to developing menus and preparing them as well.  


Chef Lumbardi is also very much fascinated with flying and with the food served by international airlines. As a frequent traveller, he has literally tasted all the different kinds of food served up in the air. As a chef, he wants to update airline food and serve it to the people. For this reason, he has set up Mile High restaurant. His goal is really to showcase to the people of Missouri and Kansas City an international menu and an entirely different fine dining experience. In this respect, he was very successful. In fact, his restaurant has received such a warm welcome from the people.  


In the future, Chef Lumbardi aims to bring the experience brought by Mile High restaurant to different states. He is currently conceptualizing and working with partners to determine the possibility of expanding and opening several restaurants in different areas which include Las Vegas, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. We hope that you look forward to our expansion efforts as we aim to bring to you the novel experience currently being enjoyed in Kansas City.  


In the meantime, we hope that you can visit us in Kansas City. We guarantee that it is a great gustatory experience. To our loyal diners, thank you so much for frequenting Mile High restaurant.