Mile High Is A New Concept In Fine Dining

Fine Dining at Mile High 


Allow us to take your dining to a whole new level. Mile High restaurant brings you a whole new experience in fine dining. All you have to do is board our Boeing 747 and let our cabin crew serve you. Now you just have to relax and simply enjoy the gustatory experience that we have prepared for you.  


Mile High is a new concept in fine dining. We have refurbished an old Boeing 747 airplane and converted it to a restaurant that follows the theme of flying. When you enter our restaurant, you will be served by our cabin crew, complete with air attendants and stewards as your wait staff, our captain who is also the maitre ‘d and our well-renowned chefs. As the only restaurant of this kind of concept in Missouri, we serve dishes from all over the world, paired with wines and desserts. So feel free to your garage door maintenance to A1 Garage Door Service in Kansas City and just come to us to enjoy a wonderful dining experience. Bring your family, friends and loved ones as what we offer is a feast that needs to be enjoyed by everyone.  


Below is a listing of everything we offer:  


International Menu 


Our menu encompasses the various specialties around the world. We have well-renowned chefs who serve menus culled from their expertise and experience of developing and creating dishes in international hotels and restaurants. What we offer are the following: 


Western and Continental Dishes 


We offer all the best in Western and Continental dishes. We have German sausages and cheese, prawns, pork cracklings, beef tenderloin, American steaks and rib-eye and even the English hog roasts. We also have pancakes, sandwiches, pizza and pasta available. You can pair all of these food with our available American and European wine selections. We are proud to say that our cellar also contains artisanal and award-winning wine choices.  


Asian Cuisine 


We have the best selections of Asian Cuisine — from Japanese to Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Philippine, Cambodian and Indian dishes. You just need to view our menu to see what you want. We have the savoury curries, coconut sauces and more. We also have Asian wines to suit your palate, from sake, to fruit and coconut wines. Our Asian menu is said to be one of the most extensive in the entire Missouri area.  


African Dishes  


Mile High offers the most savoury African dishes. These include the piri-piri chicken, bunny chow, kapenta with sadza, Namibian venison, Zanzibaru biryanis and pilaus, full medames, potjiekos and stew, pastille au pigeon and so much more. You can also pair all of these with your favorite African wine.  


Aside from our food, be amazed by the kind of service that you will be getting. Our crew are well trained to give you the ultimate Mile High’s signature dining experience. Just make sure to book a table prior to your visit so that you will not have to wait. Mile High has a long reservation list.  


We hope to see you soon in our restaurant. Happy eating!